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AHD-21 Hair Dryer (White-Pink)




Ambrane AHD-21 is a 1600 W Hair Dryer that produces an optimum level of warm and cool airflow to work gently and uniformly on your hair. It features two-speed settings and a cool air spring button for drying and styling hair in different ways. The front nozzle aids in focused airflow and the foldable handle allows easy storage of this lightweight device.

Bullet Points-:

  • 1600W Rated Power Input – This hair dryer comes equipped with 1600 W power input
  • 2-speed heater settings – It can be operated at two speed levels
  • 1.8 Meters long cord – For effortless use, this device features a long cord that permits easy use while drying and styling hair.
  • Cool air function – This allows gentle hair drying
  • Concentrator nozzle – The nozzle can be used for focussed drying in different hair sections. It is of great use while styling hair.
  • Compact and lightweight – For easy handling and portability, the dryer is designed with a compact and lightweight profile
  • Hanging-up hoop for convenience – For hanging this hair dryer comfortably, a hoop is provided on its handle.

Drying and styling your hair becomes convenient with the Ambrane AHD-021 hair Dryer as it is technologically equipped to offer warm as well as cool airflow to meet your hair styling and drying needs.

1600W Power

The power of 1600W aids in gentle airflow so that your hair takes little time to dry with its powerful airflow even if you opt to use warm or cold airflow. You can also use it for daily styling like blow drying to give your hair the necessary bounce.

Two Speed Settings

This hair dryer works on two speed modes that can be adjusted according to user convenience so that you can dry and style your hair at different speeds. You can adjust the speed according to your requirement by using its simple button control.

Cool Air Function

For gentle effect of drying and hair styling, this device offers the option of using cool airflow when you do not wish to use the warm air function. To make use of this function, you simply need to keep the cool air button pressed for as long as you need its assistance.

Foldable hand;e

For convenient storage and portable benefit, this hair dryer features a handle that can be folded easily so that it takes up little space when not in use.

Detachable Concentrator Nozzle

For focussed airflow in certain hair sections, this hair dryer is equipped with a nozzle that can be clipped in front when required. Especially while styling your hair, you tend to focus heat on certain sections, here the concentrator nozzle proves to be of great use. But when you need uniform airflow throughout your hair, remove it and use as desired.

Honeycomb Inlet

To prevent tangling of hair at the back, the dryer features a honeycomb inlet so that your hair do not get stuck in the device while drying.

Technical Specifications-:

  • Equipped with DC Motor
  • Rated Power Input: 1600W
  • Rated voltage: AC 220-240 V
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • 2-speed heater settings (0-1-2)
  • Cool Air function for gentle hair drying
  • Independent cool air spring button
  • Concentrator nozzle for precise use
  • Foldable handle for storage ease
  • 1.8 Meters long cord for effortless use
  • Hanging-up hoop for convenience
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Honeycomb inlet at the back prevents tangling of hair
  • 365 Days Warranty

Other Features: 

  • Equipped with DC Motor
  • Rated voltage: AC 220-240 V
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Independent cool air spring button
  • Foldable handle for storage ease