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Ambrane Pulse Full Touch Control Smart Watch (Black)



Live a smarter life with Ambrane Pulse smartwatch which comes with advanced features to make your living better. The smartwatch has a lithium polymer battery which gives 7-8 hours of working and gets charged in 2.5 hrs. With a full touch, sensors come various features like 8 Sports mode, Heart rate monitor, Music control, Whatsapp notifications, Text notifications, etc.

At a Glance-:

  • Ambrane Pulse Smartwatch keeps up with your everyday lifestyle with smart features. It comes with responsive touch sensors along with activated hand gestures, when you lift your wrist the screen turns on automatically and once you lower the wrist the screen turns off.
  • It monitors your various body activities like heart rate and steps. It keeps a track of your sleep and active time. It also calculates your day to day walking and the calories you burn.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which gives you flawless connectivity. The battery life of 7-8 hrs stays with you during your working hours. It supports magnetic charging technology and takes 2.5 hrs to charge to the full extent.
  • It supports 8 different Sports modes. Whether you are Walking, Running, Hiking, Spinning your bicycle, or going for Mountain climbing, it monitors your exercise in any form.
  • It notifies you of messages and calling. You can reject calls and can see your messages on the screen. You can control music, play/pause, and skip tracks.
  • The watch doesn’t just track your exercise but with sedentary reminders motivate you to get up and gear up.

Multiple Watch Face 

The watch features four watch interfaces to choose from. Personalise the watch face as per your convenience. 

Monitor Daily Activity

The watch has various functions which keeps a track of your health everyday. It measures your Steps, Heart rate, Calories burnt, etc which helps you to know your health better.

Long Battery Life

Ambrane Pulse Smart watch can be used upto 10 days after a single charge. The high battery performance makes it suitable for everyday wear. 


No need to take out your phones for every notification, stay updated with all notifications on the smartwatch itself. 

Calling and music Control 

Play/Pause tracks, Skip songs and Reject calls easily at the touch on the smartwatch, forget reaching out to your phone. 

Do better with Pulse 

The watch gives you sedentary reminders which helps you to take care of your health. You can also set a timer while you exercise for better monitoring.