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VLCC Gold for Bright & Radiant complexion Facial Kit 250g

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Made with the goodness of gold, the VLCC Salon Series Gold Radiance facial kit contains a variety of constituents that help in revitalising your facial appearance. This kit is made up 6 Gold facial sachets which last for a total of 6 sessions. Each facial sachet in this kit further contains a Gold facial scrub, peel-off mask, gel, and cream in order to ensure a complete user experience.

The Gold scrub consists of turmeric and gold leaf which help in removing any germs from the face. In order to be used, it has to be applied on a clean, wet face and gently massaged for a few minutes before being rinsed off. Made up of lemon peel and gold oxide, the Gold peel-off mask rejuvenates skin cells and helps in the removal of dead skin-cells from the epidermis.

The Gold gel, made up of galnut and gold leaf, accelerate the movement of cell regeneration and keep the skin revitalised. Because of the wheat germ and rose-petal extracts, the Gold cream that comes with the VLCC Natural Sciences Salon Series Gold Radiance facial kit helps in making your facial skin more soft and supple.

Other nourishing ingredients have been used as well in all four of these beauty-enhancing facial products. These include vitamin E, vitamin C, sandalwood, aloe vera, and xanthan gum. The 6 Gold facial sachets containing 4 products each are packaged individually to add more user convenience. The box has a set of instructions imprinted on it that inform users on how to apply each one of the products included in the kit.