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EP-56 Wired Earphone (Black)



Bring home the perfect combination of quality and music with durable Ambrane EP-56 Wired Earphones. The fit-in-ear design makes it comfortable for all day long wear. The high bass sound quality offers you a rich listening experience every time. Thus, ears won’t be tugged with earphones plugged in. 

Bullet Points

  • The innovative sound technology delivers powerful bass, making your musical sessions a super-hit every time. 
  • Avoiding squeezy feeling in-ears, the earphones are crafted to deliver stability for a long stay and hassle-free talking or musical sessions. 
  • The earphones cord is flexible and durable enough to keep it protected from external wear and tear. 
  • To give you a hands-free experience, the earphones come with a control button for your convenience. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of gadgets, EP-56 comes with 3.5mm jack. Thus, you can enjoy listening sessions with a wide variety of gadgets. 
  • The classy stylish look of the earphone goes well with your workout, meeting and chilling sessions.