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Green Steel And PP iLife Watermelon Fruit Dig Corer Cutter





Usage/Application Fruit Dig Corer Cutter
Brand iLife
Material Steel And PP
Color Green
Features Light Weight
Shape Windmill

Product Details

Product Specification

Usage/Application Fruit Dig Corer Cutter
Brand iLife
Material Steel And PP
Color Green
Features Light Weight
Shape Windmill
Weight 0.33lb
Size 11.6*1.3*3in
Function Quickly cut into watermelon cubes
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

Product Description

  • Perfect Cube Slices Every Time – The latest advanced design of the stainless steel watermelon slicer allows you to cut the perfect cube sliced watermelon every time without effort It is a super easy all-in-one tool to make serving watermelon and fruit cubes to the plate quickly. The help of cutting ruler, you can measure -2cm ideal size cubes you want
  • Amazing Watermelon Partner – Your best kitchen gadget for cutting watermelon and cantaloupe. Our watermelon windmill slicer is equipped with an automatic gear cutting blade, simply push the melon slicer into watermelon and the watermelon cubes will come out automatically.It is so easy to use and completely transformed how we eat water melon, making eating watermelon easier and more interesting
  • If you don’t own one, try it, you will love it if you want to give your friends an impressive gift, this will be a great choice
  • Create Delicious Watermelon with Kids – Our watermelon slicer features unique rounded edges and non-sharp plastic windmill design blades, making it perfectly safe, especially for childrenOne small tip:Cut watermelon in half. Then cut off each end so you can run the cutter straight through without hitting the rind. The bright, funny and friendly colors, get your children excited about cutting watermelon, developing children’s practical ability
  • Lower Labour and More Practical – Cut your slicing time in half or even low . Only one easy step of pushing, you can finish your watermelon salad in one minute, ditch the mess and enjoy cool watermelon, summer and sunshine feeliing, it would be entertaining. Clean up is also a breezeMade of stainless steel 34 and food-grade PP, FDA Approved and BPA-free . Absolute safety

Amazing Watermelon Cutter

  • ??? Aren’t you tired of making a mess every time when you try to make a fruit salad for your family?
  • ??? That is so cool that cutting a plate of delicate watermelon in summer without breaking a sweat!
  • ??? Want perfect cubes of fruit?
  • ??? Our windmill watermelon cutter will make you happy!
  • ??? You may never imagine a watermelon can be cut in seconds until you have our magical watermelon windmill cutter.
  • ??? It only takes three minutes to get a large plate of watermelon cubes.
  • ??? Push the melon slicer, with blades rotating,watermelon cubes will slide into the stainless steel slot.

So Funny Design

  • Bringing You a New Feeling of Cutting Watermelon.
  • Stainless steel watermelon slicer is an amazing easy kitchen tool to allow quick cutting and providing watermelon cubes.

Get Salad in No Time

  • The Watermelon Slicer Come with Cutter Blade, Just Push the Tool Into Watermelon,melon Cubes Will Come out Automaticly.
  • So the melon cubes can be delivered to the plate quickly and easily.

Perfect Result Every TimeWatermelon Cutting Ruler Help You to Measure 0-2 Cm Cubes as Your Ideal Size,designed to Make Your Watermelon Is Evenly Cuttted for Consistent Results.

Clean up Is a Breeze

  • Simple Shape Makes Cleaning Easy.
  • You don’t have to deal with the mess left by cutting watermelon.
  • Save your time.

Protect Yourself from Harm

  • Made of Stainless Steeland Food-Grade Pp Material.It Features Unique Rounded Edges and Non-Sharp Blades,very Safe.
  • Protect yourself from cuts and injuries:Reduce the use of times you cut watermelon with a knife or other sharp kitchen tools.

Space-Saving Design

  • Comfortable Handle with Hanging Hole,easy to Storage.
  • Easy to use-Even a novice chef can cut it beautifully to make perfect fruit platter.