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Neos 20000 mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank (Black)




Ambrane’s Neos Power Bank has a high capacity of20000 mAh battery so that you never cease the chase. The power bank has two input ports Micro and Type-C which allows you to charge devices at your convenience.  Also, with dual output, it can charge 2 devices at the same time for e.g. you can charge both mobile and Bluetooth earphones simultaneously, hence eliminating the need to carry multiple wires. It can charge a device of 3000mAh battery up to 5 times. The body features a slender and elongated body which makes it even easier to carry while traveling.

Bullet Points-:

  • High Performance- With 20000 mAh battery capacity and dual ports for input and output, it’s a power bank with no hassle and only great performance and experience.
  • Dual Outputs – The power bank has dual output available to charge your devices. Any device that supports USB output is rechargeable from the power bank. When two devices are being charged simultaneously, it intelligently adjusts power output to match the device’s requirement and gives efficient charging speed.
  • Dual Input ports – The dual input ports allow you to recharge the power bank with either micro USB or Type-C cable, hence you don’t have to carry extra cables.
  • Safe & Reliable – The power bank contains 9 layers of chipset protection which will provide multi-layers protection safety systems that combine high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control, and many more features to keep your devices safe.
  • Once fully charged it is powerful enough to recharge a device with 3000 mAh battery for up to 5 times. It can charge mobile devices like Redmi Note 8 (4000 mAh) – 4 times, Samsung Galaxy M30s (6000mAh)- 2.5 times, Samsung Galaxy J7 (3000 mAh) – 5 times, iPhone 11 (3000 mAh) – 5 times, Oneplus 7T (3800mAh) – 4 times, etc.
  • Premium Design – To give it a premium look the outer body is made of ABS plastic which itself creates a style statement. The power bank is not only powerful on the inside but also has an impactful design on the outside.
  • 180 days of manufacturing warranty.

Ultimate Power source 

The power bank is packed with an outstanding energy of 20000 mAh that lets your device go on and on! The 20000mAh power bank can charge your 3000mAh phone upto 5 times so that you never run out of charge. Play games, talk to your friends or watch the movies on Netflix with no low battery issues. 

Dual Output Port

The power bank has dual ports to charge two devices simultaneously making it more efficient. Charge your wireless devices along with your mobile phones and stay powered up all the time. 

Dual Input Port

Dual input gives you the option to charge the power bank with either Micro USB or Type-C.  No hassle carrying different wires for charging your devices and the powerbank itself. 

Universal Compatibility 

The powerbank is compatible with a wide range of products. Whether it’s your mobile phones, wireless earbuds, bluetooth speakers etc. you can safely charge various devices. 


The power bank comes with 9 layers of damage protection which ensures safe charging. It prevents charging your device any further after it is completely charged. This also prolongs the life of the power bank.

User-friendly Design

The premium ABS plastic outer body gives it a premium look. It comes with the LED indicator to show different battery levels which helps you to keep a note of the available power in the powerbank.