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QRAA Men Ultra Radiance gold Scrub with 24k Gold- with Walnut and Vitamin E, 100 g


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  • Is this unique and revolutionary skin polisher that has been enriched with 24k gold that is designed to dissolve in skin. Without making the skin dry or rough
  • Makes for this luxurious 24k gold scrub that is a rich blend of 24k gold flakes and other certified ingredients
  • Is free from harmful chemicals, colorants, parabens, harsh metals and any kind of synthetic additives
  • Has been enriched with 24k gold flakes that helps do away with skin irritation, itching etc
  • Looking for an amazing scrub that can get you gorgeous skin in a super easy manner? How about a scrub that helps get soft, supple and silkier skin with ultimate glow? What about a scrub that is effective enough in removing marks, spots and early signs of skin ageing? Well, You must be confused, but the reality remains that after much research and study, QRAA is here with this brilliant product that works as much more than any ordinary scrub to be precise. From perfecting stretch marks, to that of removing acnes, spots and marks to that of correcting cellulite issues, ‘QRAA men ultra radiance scrub’ caters to it all. This makes for this natural scrub that has been specifically formulated for the tough skin of the males and is made to be blended together with regenerating, highly moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients and luxurious 24k gold. When it comes to that of taking proper care of the skin, men find it a little difficult to pamper their skin with the right kind of masks, therapies and products. In the present times of ever increasing pollution, stress, dirt and other free radicals, our skin encounters damage on a daily basis. Exposure to the harmful u.V rays leads to damaging effects on the skin, for which it becomes necessary to take proper care of the skin on a regular basis.