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Shoptool Cheese Grater, Vegetable, Fruit Grater/Slicer with Handle for Kitchen


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remium Quality Stainless Steel Zester Grater for Quick and Effortless Zesting & Grating Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruits and more This Zester & Grater’s design is based on a small woodworking tool to make wood shavings, and because the grating edges are so sharp, it’s easy to finely grate or zest wide variety of ingredients. This useful tool releases tiny bursts of concentrated flavour for your food. With the Empino Zester & Grater, even non-chefs can create delectable dishes! Are you looking for premium quality? Are you sick of unreliable zester and graters that are difficult to use? Are you looking for a premium design? Do you want high-end quality when it comes to zesting and grating? Introducing Fancy Zester Grater Discover gourmet tastes in well-known and favorite dishes by adding freshly grated spice like ginger. So why wait to create new fruit dishes or fine vegetable salad – get your professional Fancy Grater-Zester today! Why choose Fancy Zester Grater? Here are the benefits: Razor sharp cutting edge; your focus will be on the finished product, not the effort to produce it. Provides cutting surface and solid stainless steel with non-slip ergonomic rubber handle. No bending/breaking with this tool! Simple storage with hanging hole & snap-on protective cover.Hang it or simply toss it in the utensil drawer! Coming with a bonus cleaning brush for easy food removal and cleaning. Friendly Tips: Please keep away from children because the Zester blades are extremely sharp Remove trapped particles from the non-sharp side whenever possible Store with the blade cover when not in use