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Shoptool Victory Plastic Jar Set Transparent 18 pcs Set Multi Colour | Red,Blue,Black,Orange,Pink|


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About Shoptool
Shoptool plastic easy flow kitchen container set , storage box perfect for cereals, rice, pulses by palak keep your food dry and safe – with this set of amazing plastic containers, you can safely store away your food without worrying about insects, rats or other pests. They are suitable for cereal, snacks, flour, nuts, sugar, coffee, tea, dry pet food, or anything else you may need to store 100 percent air tight. Multi-use and versatile home organizer. Also great as an airtight coffee storage container for keeping large quantities of beans fresh.
A multi purpose jar for your kitchen Slings brings to you this cereal dispenser / storage container which is a solution to your kitchen storage needs.These storage jars can be used to store a wide range of kitchen items such as cereals, pulses, cornflakes, spices, nuts, wheat flour.Made from food grade plastic. Easy to use and store The product has a sleek design with a flap closure for easy flow of its contents. It has a easy to open lid with a flap closure to keep the cereals fresh for your breakfast. A 1200 ml jar size makes it ideal to store edibles and cereals.
About Shoptool Plastic Container
Color :?Brown
Material :?Plastic
No Of Pieces :?Plastic Contaainer Set of 18 pcs
Easy to dose flour, sugar, rice, noodles or cereals, and even oil can be used in it. Clear View, Side Window, Long-Lasting, Sturdy, Scratch Resistant & Unbreakable Container.
Made from plastic for everyday use / clear view, side window, long-lasting, sturdy, scratch resistant and unbreakable container.
Multi use and versatile home organizer.
All our products are of 100 percent food grade which means they maintain the of the food to be eaten. In other words, they are designed to ensure the long term safety of the food in the containers